David M. Lurie
Criminal Defense Attorney
Free Consultations Individualized Attention Discretion on Every Case
Kansas City: 816-221-5900 Lee’s Summit: 816-525-1500
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Representing Good People Who Make Mistakes
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David M. Lurie

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David M. Lurie

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Dedicated Criminal Defense In Missouri And Kansas

I am David M. Lurie, a Kansas City criminal defense attorney with more than 40 years of successful experience. I know how to structure an argument and a case to put you in the best light possible. My established reputation and relationships allow me to work more efficiently and more effectively. I also know exactly what it takes not only to analyze your case, but I also understand the weaknesses and strengths of the prosecutor’s case. I use this knowledge to help mitigate (or lessen) the charges against you.

Help is here! Contact me, David M. Lurie, Criminal Defense Attorney and Counselor at Law, toll-free at 816-221-5900. I have dedicated my 40-year practice to helping people who have been charged with a variety of criminal offenses.


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Sex Crimes

Downloading, distribution, possession and enticement

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First and multiple

Ic Prac 6
Violations In The Kansas City Power And Light District

The experience you need for a successful outcome

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Failure To Register As A Sex Offender

Failure to register a new address

Ic Prac 11

Hit and run, careless, record repair

Ic Prac 7
Solicitation And Patronizing

If you have been charged with soliciting a prostitute

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Hit And Run

Leaving the scene of an accident

Teenager Offenses Underage drinking, possession, fake ID
Ic Prac 9
Theft And Shoplifting

Stealing and other charges

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Trespass And Disorderly Conduct

Trespass, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace

Ic Prac 13

Cleaning your record

Ic Prac 3
And Fraud

Falsifying records, diverting funds

Domestic Violence And Assault

Pushing, shoving and assaulting

Ic Prac 12

Including revocation

David M. Lurie,
Over 40 Years Of
Criminal Defense Experience

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Mitigate Not Litigate

Whatever you are charged with, chances are extremely good that I’ve successfully helped someone in a similar situation before. I draw on this experience, as well as the facts of your specific situation, to help the court see you as more than a single incident or a criminal charge. I work to represent you as a person, so that law enforcement, administrators and in rare instances, judges and juries can see the good person you are. This is perhaps the best and more effective way to mitigate your charges or lessen the punishment you may face instead of taking your case to trial.

Free Consultations Individualized Attention Discretion On Every Case

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Getting You The Help You Need

Though my primary duty is that of a lawyer, I approach every case with the full intent to help you as much as possible. That means dedicating myself to shaping how the prosecutor sees your case and achieving a positive result — but it also means that I am here to help you find assistance if you have an underlying cause for your legal situation (i.e., physical, emotional or psychological). I have an excellent team of independent care providers whom I can call upon and who will be excellent experts to testify at trial or sentencing.

The Power Of Negotiation

As the prosecutors in the area know my belief in mitigation, they do not harbor any bad feelings toward me. For this reason, I am in a great position to negotiate on your behalf to minimize the penalties you may face. However, no matter how much mitigating evidence we provide, sometimes prosecutors’ offers are simply too harsh or nonexistent. In those situations we team with experienced litigators who can take your case to trial and zealously fight to protect your rights.

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Let’s Get Started On Your Defense Today

You only get one shot at a defense, so let’s make it count. Talk to me today and get the help you need. From my offices in Kansas City and Lee’s Summit, I am ideally situated to serve clients in both Kansas and Missouri. I also serve immigrants who are facing criminal charges.

I am familiar with the criminal laws of both Kansas and Missouri and can help you preserve your record and future. Contact me at 816-221-5900. We will talk about your situation and how I can help you frame your case and mitigate the penalties. You can also email me.