How important is it to hire a local DUI Lawyer, DWI Attorney or a Drunk Driving Lawyer for your DUI, DWI or drunk driving case?

A DUI attorney or DWI attorney or drunk driving defense attorney who regularly practices in the Court that you have to appear in, can evaluate your particular DUI , DWI or drunk driving case. For example, I have offices in both Kansas City, Missouri and Lee's Summit, Missouri. I have been practicing traffic law and DUI , DWI and drunk driving defense for over 35 years - always within the Kansas City area. I am experienced in defending DUI, DWI and drunk driving charges. I have worked with the DUI, DWI and drunk driving law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges in the area for many years. I am very familiar with local ordinances and laws concerning DUI, DWI and drunk driving offenses. I will spend about an hour and a half with you, evaluating your specific DUI / DWI or drunk driving case, asking very specific questions, that will allow me to properly represent you, to help this DUI / DWI drunk driving charge have the least amount of impact on your life as possible. Even if it is your first DUI / DWI or drunk driving charge, the way your traffic tickets are handled, as well as your Administrative Suspension or Refusal Hearing is handled, not only impacts you on this current DUI / DWI and drunk driving charge, it can also impact you if you become a repeat offender. You need a DUI attorney, DWI attorney or drunk driving defense attorney.

You can suffer a high fine or jail time even if it is your first DUI / DWI drunk driving traffic charge.

A DUI / DWI or drunk driving charge can cost you more than money. Jail time and missed work all add up to a significant cost. Many drivers facing a DUI determine that the fees for a DUI attorney, DWI lawyer and drunk driving defense attorney are outweighed by the savings that a DWI attorney DUI attorney and drunk driving defense attorney often provides. As a DUI attorney or DWI attorney, I can also give you piece of mind ... knowing that you have competent representation and a drunk driving defense attorney that knows the criminal court system.

When you talk to me, a local and experienced DUI attorney, DWI attorney and drunk driving attorney, I will listen to you, and you will learn important facts about your case. For example, was the breathalyzer calibrated correctly? What are the possible penalties if you are convicted of a DUI / DWI or drunk driving? What other penalties might you face stemming from this DUI / DWI stop? Will you lose your license? If so, when can you get your suspended license reinstated?

After you leave my office, you will have a much greater understanding of the court proceedings and potential outcomes of your DUI / DWI and your administrative suspension of your driving privileges.

Additionally, since I have been representing good people who have made some bad choices for 35+ years, I can tell you, before you decided to hire me, how much representing you in these DUI / DWI and drunk driving charges will cost -- so there will be no surprises. I charge no fee unless you hire me, a DWI lawyer, DUI lawyer and drunk driving lawyer.