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Helping Good People Minimize Criminal Penalties

I am David M. Lurie, a skilled criminal defense attorney. No matter what you are facing — whether it be Internet or sex-related crimes, solicitation, or DUI / DWI — I believe that mitigation, not litigation, is what will help you get on with your life quicker. Minimizing the penalties you face and giving the prosecutor every reason to give you a break are the key parts of your case.

I believe that good people make mistakes. I believe that sometimes good people are accused of crimes they did not commit. I believe that everyone is entitled to the best defense possible. To learn more about my services, contact me, Lee's Summit and Kansas City DUI / DWI arrest lawyer David M. Lurie. I can help you regardless of the charges you are facing.

More Than Three Decades Of Criminal Defense Experience

In 40 years, I have represented thousands of clients charged with a variety of criminal offenses, and I will apply this experience to your case. I have learned to present you and your case to the authorities in such a way that allows them to grant a lesser punishment. I have a network of care providers and other experts who can assist with your case as needed.

I strongly believe in mitigation, but I will work with a team of litigators who can take your case to trial in criminal court when necessary. My negotiation experience enables me to work with the prosecution on every matter to lessen the severity of the charges you face and the penalties that might result.

Whatever You Are Facing — We Will Work Through It Together

I have extensive experience as a criminal defense lawyer in both Missouri and Kansas, and from my offices in Kansas City and Lee's Summit, I am able to effectively serve clients in both states. I help individuals facing a wide variety of charges, including:

Contact Me, A Jackson County Criminal Court Lawyer

If you are in Missouri or Kansas, or visiting from out of town, and need experienced defense, contact me — David M. Lurie, Criminal Defense Attorney and Counselor at Law — immediately by calling toll free at 816-221-5900. You may also email my criminal defense firm through this website. You don't have any time to lose.

The sooner you contact my law firm, the sooner we can begin to take proactive steps that will help present your case in the best light possible before the authorities, including the police, prosecutors and the court, even before you are actually charged. In the time that the prosecution is still gathering and examining evidence, we can start minimizing the impact and the punishment associated with your particular crime by getting you into treatment programs and/or with doctors. We can begin creating the best defense possible before we ever even see a judge or I sit down to talk to a prosecutor.