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Missouri will add points to your license for each ticket you pay

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Traffic Offenses

A municipal traffic ticket is like a criminal charge. Even a simple ticket from a Highway Patrolman is a misdemeanor. It is basically a police officer accusing you of a civil infraction in the case of a city charge or a misdemeanor if it is a Highway Patrolman. Given that there isn’t a risk of jail time, on any ticket you can just pay, but rather only a fine to pay, most people just pay their traffic tickets. They don’t realize that they have essentially just admitted guilt for the traffic offense involved when they do. And if it is a moving violation it carries points.

Paying the ticket for a moving violation may be the fastest way to resolve the issue, but it isn’t necessarily the best solution. After all, the state of Missouri will add points to your license every time you get a ticket. If you get enough of them, your driving privileges could be at risk.

Accruing too many points can cost you your license

The more points you have, the bigger the consequences that you face. You’ll receive a warning letter if you accrue four points in 12 months.

Once you have accumulated 8 points or more within 18 months, the state will suspend your license. A first suspension will last 30 days, a second will be for 60 days and a third for 90 days. You could also lose your license for a full year if you accrue 12 points in one year, 18 points in two years or 24 within three years.

Fighting a traffic ticket or getting it amended to a non-moving violation can help you maintain a clean driving record, which will keep your insurance costs low. When you already have several tickets on your record, it becomes even more important to defend against a pending ticket, as you might be on the verge of losing your license. Understanding the consequences of traffic infractions can help you decide how to respond to a ticket.