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Representing Good People
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Were you really drunk or were you just fatigued?

Many people don’t think about how much sleep they got before they get behind the wheel. Instead, they just assume that they’ll be able to drive safely to where they’re going. What some people may not realize is that drowsy driving has effects that mimic drunk...

Don’t let Super Bowl Sunday be ruined by a DUI

If the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl, there will be more than the usual number of Game Day parties in the area. Super Bowl Sunday, no matter who’s playing, is one of the most popular drinking days on the calendar in the U.S. One empirical measure of...

Driving mistakes are easy to make

It's very unfair to judge anyone who's facing criminal charges based on one action, assuming that means anything about their overall moral character. The fact of the matter is that very good people still do make mistakes, and it happens all the time.  For instance,...

Study finds that intoxication is hard to self-judge 

One of the main reasons why people get pulled over for impaired driving is that they honestly thought they were sober enough to drive. They usually didn’t think they had a BAC of 0.00%. They knew they’d had a few drinks. They just thought they were well below the...

Disorderly conduct in Missouri: What to know

Do you have a habit of letting “high spirits” (or alcoholic spirits, for that matter) get the better of you? If so, you could end up finding yourself charged with some form of disorderly conduct. While that may seem like a relatively minor charge, it’s actually a...