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How can technology help you fight a traffic ticket?

Technology plays a role in the issuing of many tickets. For example, if the police give you a speeding ticket, they use something to measure your speed. If they give you a DUI, they probably use a machine to measure your blood alcohol content. Yet, no technology is...

Study finds that intoxication is hard to self-judge 

One of the main reasons why people get pulled over for impaired driving is that they honestly thought they were sober enough to drive. They usually didn’t think they had a BAC of 0.00%. They knew they’d had a few drinks. They just thought they were well below the...

Disorderly conduct in Missouri: What to know

Do you have a habit of letting “high spirits” (or alcoholic spirits, for that matter) get the better of you? If so, you could end up finding yourself charged with some form of disorderly conduct. While that may seem like a relatively minor charge, it’s actually a...

What does the zero-tolerance law mean for you?

You may have always heard that you may face driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges if you are over the legal limit of 0.08%. This is true, but you may also face such charges if you’re under that limit. Essentially, a police officer can arrest you if they believe you...

Traffic violations can add up to trouble

Though it may not seem like traffic violations are very serious, they can add up and cause trouble for you. Minor violations like speeding tickets might seem normal, but they have consequences that outweigh the benefits of simply paying the ticket and moving on. ...