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Tough, Aggressive Defense Against Internet Sex Crimes Accusations

As an American citizen, it is your constitutional right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. In most criminal cases, this holds true — but in the case of sex crimes, online and offline, that presumption is often overwhelmed by the evidence.

In my over 45 years of experience, in many cases, lessening the penalties (mitigation) is the most important part in Internet and sex crimes cases.

The sooner you contact a defense lawyer in these situations, the better. Early intervention will allow us to help you begin treatment programs or seeing doctors, which will help mitigate the damages you may face in the end.

Time Is Critical – Don’t Wait To Seek Help

Did law enforcement show up at your home or office and take your computer? Call me. As soon as you are aware that any charges may be filed against you, call me.

It often takes quite some time for law enforcement to review the seized computers (4-15 months). During that time we can work build your defense and get your care providers/experts involved so that they have a much greater impact because they have treated you for a long time.

Very important! Before you give the police a statement or take a polygraph test, contact a criminal defense lawyer with experience in sex and/or internet crimes.

The period of time immediately following your awareness of law enforcement involvement is very important. Questions will be asked. Accusations will be thrown. You will be pushed to confess to the things you have been charged with. I can help from the moment I take your case.

The earlier an experienced criminal defense attorney is involved to help you, the better I can begin building your case before you are even charged in some situations.

Internet and sex crimes include:

Minimize Impact And Ease The Process

I have over 45 years of experience — and use all of it to craft how the prosecution sees you and your case to minimize penalties and present you in the best light possible. I’ve spent these decades working for people like you, forming relationships with people important to the process. I understand how the system works and the best path to take in these cases.

I’m Not Here To Judge You — I Am Here To Help

When you retain my services, I dedicate myself to your case. First, we will sit down and discuss your situation. I spend as much time as is necessary to achieve a full view of your case. Then, I will work with you to create a customized approach that is specifically tailored to your case and allows you to get past this trying time as quickly as possible with the least amount of legal impact on your life as possible.

If there is an underlying emotional, psychological or personal problem related to your case that you are dealing with, I can, if you wish, assist you. In many cases, the prosecution has adequate proof against you. When this happens, mitigation (lessening the impact) is truly the key — if a treatment program is available immediately, the sooner you enter that program the better. This way, while the prosecution is gathering and analyzing its evidence, you will be establishing a long-term treatment program that will paint you in a more favorable light in the end.

Work With An Established Legal Professional

In addition to sex-related crimes, I also provide services to those charged with other internet crimes that are not sexual in nature, like illegal music or movie downloads. If you live in Missouri or Kansas and need an experienced defender, call me, attorney David Lurie, in my Kansas City Office at 816-221-5900 or contact me online.