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Can a personal Breathalyzer help you avoid a Kansas City DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | DUI/DWI

Did you know that most people do not intend to drive under the influence of alcohol? Across the nation, cities and states have worked to educate citizens about the risks of driving while intoxicated. Overall, these information campaigns succeed in raising awareness about the many dangers of drinking and driving.

Unfortunately, this increased awareness fails to prevent overindulging before getting behind the wheel of a car. After having a few drinks, most people are poor judges of their intoxication and believe they are sober enough to make it home safely.  

Are personal Breathalyzers accurate?

Many Kansas City residents believe a personal Breathalyzer can help them avoid a DUI arrest and possible conviction. The question is, do they work well enough to guide you in making decisions about your capacity to drive safely. Unfortunately, research indicates that even professional Breathalyzers are often inaccurate

We recommend that you avoid relying on a personal Breathalyzer to make driving decisions. They probably do not work as well as those the police in Kansas and Missouri use to test for sobriety. Another thing to consider is the training police officers undergo to use Breathalyzers properly. Most likely, you have not received such training, which could make your Breathalyzer results dangerously inaccurate.

Instead of letting an electronic device guide you, consider this – common sense remains your best tool in preventing an unwanted DUI. However, if you do face an arrest, consider increasing your knowledge of the laws in your location. Taking this step can provide you with insight into building an effective DUI defense. In turn, you will have a better chance of overcoming your circumstances.