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Sex Crimes Charges Can Drastically Change Your Life

Prostitution is illegal in 48 states, including Missouri and Kansas. Not surprisingly, soliciting and patronizing prostitution is also illegal in those states.

What is the safest course of action if you are approached by a prostitute in Missouri or Kansas? Just say no and walk away. Authorities are now targeting the patrons, or “johns,” who seek out prostitutes, instead of just going after the prostitutes themselves. This means more police decoys and more chances that even just a simple conversation with a prostitute will land you in handcuffs.

It is not always a prostitute. In fact, many times, it is an undercover police officer. When you are charged with solicitation of a police decoy, you are charged with a sex crime – the same as if it had been a real prostitute. This also holds true if you are charged with indecent exposure or lewd acts.

The potential consequences of such charges to your life can be tremendous. You may be afraid that your family, friends, or employer will find out about your conviction.

Even for those who are not convicted, the exposure can be damning in and of itself. A good defense is truly the key in these cases – even if you have actually committed the crime, I can help you minimize the penalties you face and help you get on with your life sooner rather than later.

A Criminal Defense Attorney With The Skills To Help You

If you have been charged with a sex-related crime, such as solicitation, patronizing or indecent exposure, you need an experienced defense lawyer immediately.

  • Do not wait to see how things play out.
  • Do not just pay the fine (this can lead to a sex-related crime on your record).
  • Do not assume that you can beat the charges.
  • Do not think for a moment that you will be given the benefit of the doubt.

Now, more than ever, law enforcement is cracking down on the “johns” in prostitution cases. They are going after the demand side of the problem! In Kansas City, many people are being picked up in stings carried out in The Pitch magazine, Craigslist, backpage.com and similar sites. In certain parts of town, police decoys are everywhere – posing as prostitutes on the street. Male decoys are also placed in parks to lure men, particularly older men, into committing indecent exposure offenses by asking them to display themselves before they take them home. Then, as you drive off, whether it’s to go to his place or not, you find yourself arrested.

I have over 45 years of experience helping individuals like you through these difficult cases. I have the experience, knowledge and ability to help you – whatever your situation may be. If you have been charged with solicitation, patronization or indecent exposure, or if you are afraid of being convicted of a sex-related crime and going to jail, or being forced to register as a sex offender, or having your family find out, contact me immediately. The sooner we can begin building your defense and changing the way the prosecution looks at you and your case, the better the chances to minimize the penalties and help you move on.

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