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Facing Criminal Trouble After Visiting Arrowhead Stadium Or Kauffman Stadium?

Because we love our Chiefs and Royals, the Sports Complex is a hot spot for fun, tailgating and entertainment. It is also true that many Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fans are criminally charged, or cited with a variety of City Ordinance violations from the City of Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court or the Jackson County Circuit Court, such as:

If you’re facing criminal charges related to your alleged conduct at one of these stadiums, contact David M. Lurie for skilled defense representation.

The Sports Complex And Law Enforcement

The Kansas City Chiefs and Royals games are great places to tailgate, drink and socialize. Many off-duty police officers serve as security in and around Chiefs and Royals home games. They are quick to charge or issue you a ticket or citation for violating Kansas City Ordinances. In more serious cases, you could face State of Missouri misdemeanors or felonies, forcing a court appearance in the Jackson County Circuit Court.

Get The Experienced Legal Help You Need

After being charged with a crime, you will want to find legal advice that fits your situation. With David M. Lurie, you can work with an attorney who knows this area, law enforcement and the judicial system so that you have a better chance of getting your case to plead down as low as possible.

If you have been charged with a crime while attending a Chiefs or Royals game, or any other event at the Arrowhead Stadium or Kauffman Stadium, and need an experienced defender then call me, attorney David Lurie at 816-221-5900 or contact me online.