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Fight Your First-Time DUI/DWI Charges Before They Escalate

In years past, first-offense driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) charges were not that big of a deal. They did not carry the most severe consequences on their own, and almost any competent attorney could defend a client against these charges in most cases. However, with the increased penalties associated with a DUI/DWI conviction in Missouri since new legislation in 2010, it has become more important than ever to work with an experienced Lee’s Summit and Kansas City first DUI/DWI defense attorney.

Scared? Anxious? Confused? Help Is Here!

At the law office of David M. Lurie, Criminal Defense Attorney and Counselor at Law, I represent good people in tough situations. DUI/DWI is the type of criminal charge that anyone can face. People from all walks of life have, at one time or another, had one or two drinks too many before driving home. I represent clients on the criminal side. My approach is to attempt to minimize or eliminate jail time and other serious consequences. On the administrative side, I protect my clients’ driving privileges in the administrative process.

I know that the criminal justice system can be terribly intimidating, especially if this is your first offense of any kind. With more than 45 years of legal experience, I can help you understand the consequences of a conviction and work to minimize the damage that these charges can have on your life.

Work With An Attorney Experienced In DUI Defense

One thing many first-offense DUI/DWI clients do not understand is the importance of choosing an attorney who has experience working with repeat offenders. Because I have handled so many multiple DUI/DWI cases in the past 45 years, I know what will be needed down the road in the event of a subsequent DUI/DWI charge.

I am able to handle the first offense in a way that best protects my clients if they face subsequent DUI/DWI charges down the road. Attorneys who handle only first-offense DUI/DWIs or have DUI/DWI as just a part of their practice may not be able to provide that level of coverage.

Diversion Or Suspended Imposition Of Sentence

With more than 45 years of legal experience, I have a thorough understanding of the options and alternatives to sentencing that may be available to you. In a diversion, you agree to pay all fees and costs and follow other court-imposed conditions, which may include attending some sort of program or completing community service in exchange for the case being dismissed at the end of the diversionary period. A suspended imposition of sentence (SIS) is, as the name suggests, a suspension of the imposing of a sentence. You go straight to a probationary period, with similar conditions. If you make it through that successfully, the charges are dismissed.

These options are not available to everyone in every case, so it is important to talk with a Missouri DUI/DWI lawyer to learn more.

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