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Keep Your Driving Record Clean

As a technical legal matter, driving is a privilege in this country, not a right. Most Americans do not think of driving as either a right or a privilege; we think of the ability to drive our cars as essential. If you are like the vast majority of Americans, losing your driving privileges would be catastrophic, preventing you from getting to work and doing many of the other activities that are essential to your lifestyle.

What’s Actually In Your Best Interest

Your best interest is not served if you just pay your traffic ticket. A question I hear often from clients is: “Can you fix my ticket?” Four points to consider:

  • In most cases, yes, I can amend your ticket.
  • Due to the high volume of cases some prosecutors have on their docket, they are willing to amend a ticket rather than being forced to go to trial.
  • In some cases, I can negotiate a plea for a nonmoving, nonpoint violation, which is traditionally not reported to the Department of Revenue, in exchange for an increased fine paid to the court.
  • Most of the time, I can take care of keeping your driving record clean, and you will not even need to appear in court .

Don’t Just Pay The Ticket

With the first speeding ticket, you can choose to simply pay the fine and get the points and a moving violation assessed against your driving record. However, I do not recommend this. There are consequences that can arise from just simply paying the fine and moving on.

Because some courts simply do not allow amending tickets, I recommend you always get an amendable ticket amended when you can. The next ticket you get may not be able to be amended.

  • If you don’t amend a traffic ticket or speeding ticket when you can, you will most likely suffer increased insurance premiums in addition to points and moving violations added to your driving record.
  • Depending what’s on your driving record, subsequent speeding violations or traffic tickets could lead to license suspension and complete loss of driving privileges.

Scared? Anxious? Confused? Help Is Here!

Almost anyone would feel a certain fear or anxiety in the face of criminal charges. Even some of the simplest traffic violations can lead to loss of driving privileges and other penalties with multiple convictions. As a Kansas City attorney for cleaning driving records, I can defend you against these charges and help you get a clean Department of Revenue (DOR) or, as most people call it, DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) record. Although it is not always possible to get all traffic violations erased from a DMV record, I do have 40 years of legal experience in these matters, and I can help you understand the options available to you.

I represent Missouri and Kansas clients in a range of criminal defense matters. I use my 40 years of experience to provide representation backed with personalized attention and availability to each client’s needs, as well as a strategic approach to helping my clients get the best results possible in their cases.

Expunge Your Driving Record

Most of the time in our lives, we don’t get a second chance to turn the clock back and “undo” a mistake. If you have previously received a traffic ticket and just paid the fine, this might be your lucky day! In several area courts, I am able to get many traffic tickets that are currently on your driving record removed.

A Motion to Set Aside asks the court to undo the guilty plea made by you when you simply paid the fine. A successful Motion to Set Aside returns your traffic ticket back to the time before you plead guilty by paying the fine, which then allows me to amend it, as discussed previously.

No Court Appearance Needed

In most of these cases, I can even do it without you actually appearing in Court . I make the court appearance for you, so you don’t have to. With a motion to set aside, in many cases, you can get a no point or lesser point violation and/or nonmoving violation. This can eliminate the points penalties on your record and decrease the likelihood of losing your driving privileges. In some cases, if you are currently receiving a “good driver discount” from your auto insurance carrier, it could also help you keep this discount so your insurance payments don’t go up.

I offer free initial consultations so you can talk with an experienced attorney about speeding and other traffic violations. Call 816-525-1500 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney.

Undo Your Driving Suspension

When you have accumulated too many points or too many moving violations within a certain timeframe, the Department of Revenue will suspend your driver’s license as a “point revocation.”

If this happens to you, call me. In many instances, I can clean up your driving record and get points and moving violations removed so that your license is no longer suspended or revoked, and you won’t have to file an SR-22 or pay a reinstatement fee.