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Savvy Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Were you involved in a heated argument with your spouse or someone you know? Were the police called to your home? Are you facing charges of domestic violence?

If you are facing conviction for domestic abuse, you are likely unsure how this will affect you in the future. I see my job as working hard to mitigate or minimize any potential consequences you might be facing.

I am Kansas City domestic violence lawyer David M. Lurie, and I have been providing strong representation to clients in Missouri and Kansas for more than 45 years. I understand that sometimes good people make bad decisions. I will do everything I can to help you get beyond this situation. As soon as you learn you will of these charges, contact my law firm in Kansas City or Lee’s Summit to learn exactly how I can help you.

Mitigating Criminal Consequences In All Domestic Violence Cases

As your lawyer, I will work hard to build your defense and minimize any penalties arising out of domestic violence charges involving:

  • Thrown objects
  • Pushing or shoving
  • Hitting or other physical assault
  • Choking
  • Taking or breaking a cell phone

A conviction for any family violence charge can affect future employment opportunities, the ability to possess a firearm, and even parenting time with your children. The earlier I can begin representing you, the better your chances are to limit these and other consequences. If there are underlying issues, such as emotional or psychological concerns, I can help you find the assistance or treatment you need.

When mitigation is not possible, I will work with a team of litigators who will take your case to trial.

Providing The Levelheaded Representation You Need

If you have been charged with spousal abuse or any other form of domestic violence, contact meDavid M. Lurie, Criminal Defense Attorney and Counselor at Law, immediately — by calling 816-221-5900. Help is here.