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Why these 4 field sobriety tests are questionable

When police pull over someone on the suspicion of drunk driving they will likely do one of two things. They may ask the driver to take a breath test, at which point the small machine will tell the officer if the driver has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or...

Breath test issues may play a role in DUI cases

Many factors can come into the picture when you’re facing drunk driving charges. You need to evaluate the entire situation to determine how best to handle it. This can be a significant challenge, especially when there’s a lot of information to sort through. One thing...

Why do people defend against traffic tickets?

A Missouri police officer who thinks you violated the law may write you a ticket. That citation is a notice that you have violated the law. You theoretically have the right to defend yourself against that citation. However, many drivers do not make use of that right. ...

Can a cup of coffee help you avoid a DUI?

You know you don’t want to get arrested for drunk driving, but you’re out at the bar with your friends and you’ve had a little bit too much to drink. You express concern that driving home could just result in an arrest.  One of your friends tells you to simply walk...

You can’t trick a breath test during a DUI stop

People who are pulled over by a police officer for the suspicion of impaired driving may be asked to take a preliminary breath test to determine their blood-alcohol concentration percentage. Some people think that they can trick the equipment, so they get a reading...