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Protecting You From The Consequences Of Youthful Mistakes

While committing a criminal offense as a teenager may seem like a minor issue, a single conviction can have long-lasting consequences. As David M. Lurie, a criminal defense lawyer, I have seen time and time again how unchallenged criminal charges have returned as a barrier later in life.

If your son or daughter is facing a shoplifting, minor in possession or another teenager offense charge, I can provide a strong defense to prevent or minimize any negative effects on his or her future. You only get one defense; let’s make sure it counts. I can help throughout the Kansas City area.

Strong Representation When You Most Need it

I represent teenagers who are facing all types of violations and criminal charges:

Many of these offenses are treated differently for juveniles than for adults, but they are still just as serious. While the punishments may be less severe initially, an underage drinking charge or minor in possession can lead to being denied acceptance into a college or university. I work to prevent these long-term negative effects.

Easing Consequences By Participating In Teenager Offender Programs

One way to reduce the negative effects of a criminal charge is by enrolling my clients in programs to mitigate the consequences of a conviction. For example, Alive at 25 is an educational traffic program designed to teach teenagers safer driving habits to prevent devastating accidents. By having my client complete this program, I can get a speeding ticket charge reduced to a nonmoving violation. This strategy may prevent my clients from losing their driver’s license.

The Youth Traffic Offender Program is a day-long program that usually includes visiting the morgue. The purpose is to give teenage offenders a dose of reality if they continue with their bad habits. If the teen is charged with drinking and driving, completing this program may mitigate some of the consequences of more serious traffic offenses.

Contact My Firm Right Away

You’ve spent years helping your child plan their future, don’t let that go to waste after one mistake. I can help mitigate the damage done by criminal charges, both short and long-term.

If you need experienced representation for your son or daughter for a violation in Kansas or Missouri, contact me immediately at 816-221-5900. You may also e-mail my criminal defense firm and a representative from my office will contact you.