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What Parents Should Know About The Letter X

Straight Out of the News

The letter X doesn’t just mark the spot anymore. It’s now being used as a safety net that teenagers can text to their parents to help them get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Peer pressure has always been one of the things we have all had at some time in our lives. . .most likely, when we were younger – like a teenager. Teens get charged with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia. MIP (minor in possession), speeding, attending pharm parties, drag racing, and one of the newer ones going around the Kansas City metro area – Goat House parties. Whenever your teen is out with their friends, you can’t always keep an eye on them and keep them safe.

Unfortunately, more times than we care to admit, our teens get into situations that they aren’t comfortable with. In many cases, they end up doing something illegal – like vandalism, theft, possession of drugs, or so many other things. Now, there is a simple way to help them remove themselves from these situations before they get into danger or arrested.

Talk to your teen. They always have their phones on them. Let them know you are just a text away to help them.

For example, my staff member has a teenager. He went off to spend the night at a friend’s house. About midnight, Mom received a text from him with an “X”. For them, this meant that Mom was going to call him immediately and he was to pick up the phone and she was going to tell him that he failed to clean up his room, and, therefore, she was grounding him immediately and going to pick him up now. He isn’t old enough to drive yet, so she needs to pick him up. All his friends know they all have lame parents who ruin all of their fun. This got him out of an uncomfortable situation where some of the kids that were over wanted to go vandalize some houses and they were drinking alcohol. Her son didn’t want to participate. So, he saved face with his friends, and got to remove himself safely from the situation.

It’s a great idea. If your teen does get arrested or a ticket, you will need a qualified criminal defense or traffic defense lawyer. Call me.