Kansas City Missouri Snow Ordinances

Sec. 70-269. Snow emergency regulations. (a) Driving emergency. When snow, sleet or freezing rain is causing slippery or hazardous conditions which might lead to serious traffic congestion, the city manager may declare a traffic emergency. Until such emergency is terminated, no person shall operate a motor vehicle on any street in such manner or in such condition as to allow or permit such vehicle to become stalled by reason of the fact that the driving wheels of such vehicle are not equipped with effective tire chains or snow tires. (b) Parking emergency. Whenever snow has accumulated or there is a possibility that snow will accumulate to such a depth that snow removal operations will be required, the city manager may declare a parking emergency. Until such an emergency is terminated, no vehicles shall be parked on any streets designated as snow routes by appropriate signs. All vehicles parked on such streets must be removed within two hours after declaration of an emergency or be considered in violation of this section.

Sec. 64-246. Removal of ice or snow. It shall be the duty of all persons owning or occupying any real property, fronting upon any street, boulevard or highway, to remove from the sidewalks in front or alongside of such property all ice and snow within a reasonable time after cessation of a storm depositing such ice or snow. The provisions of chapter 62, article III, pertaining to littering, and penalties for violations thereof, shall be applicable to violations of this section.

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