Violations In The Kansas City Power And Light District

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A fun night out on the town in Kansas City's Power and Light District can turn into a living nightmare when you are charged with a drinking or bar violation. What is unique about these violation charges is that many of them may have been overlooked on a different night or in another part of town.

Due to the entertainment and partying nature of the Power and Light District, bar managers, bouncers and area police officers are hypersensitive and want to control potential situations before they occur. Thus, behaviors that may be overlooked can turn into assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, trespassing, indecent exposure, and other charges. One too many drinks or a disagreement with a bouncer can land you in jail and leave you facing license suspension, fines and other serious consequences. Just going back in to tell your friends what happened can lead to a trespassing charge if you were asked to leave. Failing to leave an establishment fast enough may also result in charges.

I am Kansas City attorney David Lurie, and I have experience providing a defense against all types of violations in the Power and Light District. Contact my criminal defense firm immediately to discuss your case. The sooner we can start building your defense, the better chance we have of mitigating the circumstances, or even getting the charge dismissed.

Put More Than 40 Years of Experience on Your Side

I have more than 40 years of experience representing individuals in traffic violations, DUI, trespassing, assault and disorderly conduct, and other criminal cases. I know how to structure an argument and put you in the best light possible. My approach is to thoroughly examine every angle of your case and your circumstances, and prepare a defense that minimizes the consequences you face. In some cases, I may even get the charges dismissed by showing the violation charge had little merit.

If you have been charged with assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct or another violation in the Power and Light District, you can be sure that I have handled your type of case before. I have the experience you need to obtain a successful outcome.

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