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Don’t let Super Bowl Sunday be ruined by a DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | DUI/DWI

If the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl, there will be more than the usual number of Game Day parties in the area. Super Bowl Sunday, no matter who’s playing, is one of the most popular drinking days on the calendar in the U.S.

One empirical measure of that comes from a company that makes personal breathalyzers that are intended to help people determine their blood alcohol content (BAC) before they get behind the wheel. Super Bowl Sunday comes in with an average reading of .091 (a bit lower than New Year’s Eve and just above St. Patrick’s Day). Valentine’s Day is in that range as well. More importantly, these are all above the legal limit for adults – and well above that for minors.

Have a sober ride – and a backup — planned

The best way to enjoy the Super Bowl at a friend’s or a bar if you plan to drink and not risk getting a DUI is to make sure you have arrangements for a sober ride home. If your designated driver is a friend or family member, make sure they can be trusted not to drink. Unless they’re a lifelong non-drinker or have years of sobriety under their belt, you may need to keep your eye on them. If necessary, you may have to take their keys and order a ride for both of you.

More reliable assurance of a sober ride home is to call an Uber or Lyft or a local company or organization offering sober rides on Super Bowl Sunday. Even if you have to pay “surge” prices, it’s a lot less expensive than a drunk driving conviction.

If you’re already facing a DUI or, despite your best intentions, you get one on Super Bowl Sunday (or any other day), it’s crucial to understand that an arrest doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be convicted or that you may as well plead guilty. There are a lot of factors that could call the evidence against you – and possibly the traffic stop – into question. With legal guidance, you can better protect your rights and understand your options.