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Breath test issues may play a role in DUI cases

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | DUI/DWI

Many factors can come into the picture when you’re facing drunk driving charges. You need to evaluate the entire situation to determine how best to handle it. This can be a significant challenge, especially when there’s a lot of information to sort through.

One thing that can be critically important is the case is the calibration of the breath test machine. If the machine has not been calibrated properly or of there are other issues with it or the way the test was administered, the results won’t be accurate.

How can you prove there are issues with breath test calibration?

One of the easiest ways to call the calibration of the breath test machine into question is to get a copy of the records for the machine. If it isn’t tested and calibrated on the required schedule, the results that it gives might not be correct.

It’s also necessary that these tests be administered correctly. Issues with the tests, such as lack of certification by the person administering it could lead to the results being invalid.

Because a defense can be built on poking holes in the prosecution’s case, calling the calibration or even the administration of the test into question can lead to doubt in the jury’s mind. This might be the key to a successful defense if you can show this as fact in your case.

People who are facing drunk driving charges should explore all their options for a defense. By getting experienced legal guidance as early as possible, you can protect your rights and improve your chances of prevailing.