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Can a cup of coffee help you avoid a DUI?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | DUI/DWI

You know you don’t want to get arrested for drunk driving, but you’re out at the bar with your friends and you’ve had a little bit too much to drink. You express concern that driving home could just result in an arrest. 

One of your friends tells you to simply walk over to the nearby coffee shop, buy the biggest cup of coffee you can, and drink it before you get in the car. They assure you that this will help you avoid a DUI because coffee can sober you up.

You are skeptical, but you consider doing it. Is something like this actually going to help?

This is a common myth

Your friend is probably trying to give you good advice, but this is just one of those myths that gets repeated all the time. People believe that coffee can sober you up, but it does not. The only thing that can make someone feel soberer than they were before is giving their body time to metabolize the alcohol in their system. 

In this sense, taking the time to go buy and drink a cup of coffee may help you get slightly less intoxicated, but that coffee is in no way going to help you beat a DUI.

What does coffee do for you?

The reason that people believe this myth is simply that the caffeine in a cup of coffee wakes you up. This makes you feel soberer, but you still are going to have the exact same blood alcohol concentration reading if the police officer gives you a breath test.

If you end up taking your friend’s advice and getting arrested as a result, then you need to know about all of your criminal defense options. A small mistake shouldn’t affect your entire future.