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Could a designated driver save you from DUI charges? 

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | DUI/DWI

DUI charges carry a certain stigma behind them. Not only that, the practical implications on your life after gaining a DUI conviction can be detrimental. You may rely on the use of your vehicle for work purposes, or to visit aging family members. Your driver’s license is something worth keeping, worth fighting for. 

Nonetheless, you have to be able to let your hair down sometimes, and having a drink may very well be a part of this. Drinking and driving do not mix, so what’s the best way to avoid legal problems? Nominating a designated driver is one useful way to get around this issue. A designated driver could save you from DUI charges. 

When you are the driver 

If you’ve been trusted with the position of being a designated driver, then your friends are relying on you to get them home safely. This is a big responsibility and one that is most likely significant enough to prevent you from drinking when you’re out. You don’t need to be saddled with this position all of the time. You and your friends can take turns every week. 

Nominating a trustworthy friend 

On the nights when you are off duty in terms of driving, the responsibility for getting home lies with your friend. You can enjoy yourself and have a few drinks, safe in the knowledge that you will not be getting behind the wheel. Not only does this negate the legal risk of DUI charges, but it also means you are a lot safer. 

DUI convictions are serious and the effects can last for many years. You’re best to avoid this at all costs. If you are facing charges, having a knowledgeable support network behind you could ensure you achieve a more favorable outcome in your case.